Type: automatic

Opening: 180 °

Structure material: aluminum

Louver material: aluminum

Structure: waterproof

Size: up to 4 m coverage and 8 m projection

Resistance: wind and rain

Location: terraces, gardens, commercial spaces

Accessories: button / remote control

Possible accessories: rain sensors


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A range of innovative pergolas whose features go beyond the standards, even larger, customizable, elegant and with better performance. A functional awning that is convenient in any season, and creates new outdoor comfortable areas. Kedry plus screens the sun in summer and enhances the climate letting the air flow through the swiveling louver blades. It closes the rain out and snow, in order to increase its cosiness and protect from the cold weather, it can be closed all around.

Modular system, infinite number of modules can be installed side by side. Flexible installation both wall-mount and freestanding installations are possible, and they can even serve as a roof for existing frameworks. Highly waterproof, when the blades are closed the roof is waterproof and a gutter system allows draining of water through the coumns. The louver blades have been designed to allow water draining along a built-in gutter, which work even when opening them after a heavy shower.

Solar shading aluminium freestandng structure with roof in adjustable louvre blade system consisting of a perimetral gutter which permits the louvre blade system movement and the water

discharge. Movement done by linear motors. Resistence to wind and snow load class 6 wind resistance according to en 13561:2015, snow load resistance (min. 80 Kg).


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