SECURED Shutters


Closing / opening system: swing

Closing: handle with cremone and door lock with three closure points

Structure: Aluminum and galvanized steel on the inside

Sound and thermal isolation: medium

Security: high

Dimensions: variables

Installation: windows and doors


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Available in many versions and colors, with a special design that gives your home an aesthetic view, shutters play an important role in outdoor space, being an important element in acoustic isolation, controlling exterior brightness, providing privacy, protection against bad weather. It is also possible to install the door, closing it with a door lock.

This type of shutters has a very secure because the inner structure is armed with galvanized steel bars both in the window hatch, window frames and blades. Both window hatch and frame are made o aluminum blades which gives a possibility to adjust them between 0 ° and 90 °. Safety is also provided by the lock provided with a door lock that allows three-point closure.


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